George’s Gourmet Pound Cakes is the perfect snack. We have a variety all-natural flavors that are individually wrapped and customer taste tested. Our cakes make great gifts for your employees who are at home now, friends and family members. They come in whole cakes, 24/case, and 12/case.

Customer Testimony (Face Book)

Ms Spilman

I’ve been a customer for nearly a year just ask George & he’ll tell you!!!! He bakes the most delicious 😋 pound cakes & they are so moist & made from scratch so you can’t get no better than that!!!! 🙏

Mr Norris (Google)

1 week ago

Yeah, these pound cakes are legit. Had them at an event for the first time about a year ago. Couldn't find them again until today. So many varieties! My kids had the Double Chocolate Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Peppermint. Wow. Wife had the Butter one. I had the George N Jack. All were so good. I don't do sweets or desserts. These I make an exception for.. We'll be ordering more in the future now that we know George can deliver all over.

Ms Grace (Google)

1 month ago

Today, I had the most amazing pound cakes nothing but deliciousness these are the perfect gift for Christmas or any day for that matter!! I had a box of 8 now there are only 3 left. Outrageous Butter, My favorite. Please try these you will thank me later😘

Mr Douglas (Google)

3 months ago

George's pound cakes are the real deal! Wide variety of flavors, but my favorites are Rocky Mountain Honey and Fantastic French Vanilla. I bought 6 cakes for very close friends, family and coworkers. Every single one of them LOVED and RAVED about them (120+ people).

George was creative with the packaging (COVID friendly) and he knew I had to travel about 4 hours to get to my destination. He delivers and has delivered all around the country.

HIGHLY recommend! You'll appreciate the high quality and service George provides!

Thank you so much my man! I'll definitely be back!