About us

George’s Gourmet Pound Cakes is a local bakery based in Denver Colorado specializing in baking all-natural artisan pound cakes.

Pound Cake Supremes

I knew I had to create products other than the whole cakes to meet customers needs. I created Pound Cake Supremes at Mom Moms Coffeehouse. Our delicious pound cake with homemade whip cream and seasonal fruit. There was no way you could buy just one.

Cake Chips

One day I ask a friend over to try these knew things out. We were talking about life and what is going on with the job and 20 minutes later I asked the question what do you think, how do they taste. The response I got was a very big, with no uncertain terms “ I HATE THEM” . I asked with amazement “ WHERE ARE THEY”? There was no need to answer! LOL. Introducing the CAKE CHIP because eating one will not due. This product sell at ice-cream parlors.

Custom Pound Cakes

What makes us unique is that we make many custom flavors. Please call us and let us make your pound cake.

Our story

The year is 2004 and I was looking at some of my Mom Mom’s papers and right in the middle of a scrap book I found it. There was a copy of her pound cake recipe and I told no one. When Christmas came around, I started making her pound cake and everyone loved it. They were saying how much it tastes like Mom Mom’s. From there I was taking it to work and different functions I was doing, and everyone loved it. The word Business was in my head the rest of the year and I incorporated the following year to start baking professionally. By trade I was an engineer, but my passion is always to open up businesses.

I researched the business end of making pound cake and delivering it to area restaurants. From the beginning I wanted to deliver all over the United States. To do Wholesale in huge volumes. I rented out ovens when I could. Made deals with restaurants to deliver on a weekly basis while working a full time job.

After a lot of saving and buying equipment, an opportunity presented itself and I was able to open up Mom Mom’s Coffeehouse in Williamstown NJ in 2012. My vison was to have a string of Mom Mom’s Coffeehouses specializing in baking gourmet pound cake and serving gourmet coffee and ice-cream. It still is.

I closed down Mom Mom’s Coffeehouse in 2016 because of financing but did not stop my dream. I went back to work as an engineer and move the Denver CO for a new job. Now I’m doing it again but with more experience and knowledge on what has to be done. George’s Gourmet Pound Cakes will be better than ever.